2015 – Still Alive!

2015I hear the faint sound of fireworks on this frigid night….while my beloved is sound asleep. I’m awake awaiting a call from those who chose to go out tonight.  I remember the desire to socialize on this night; however, I truly enjoyed my Chinese leftovers and several episodes of SVU.  OK, not necessarily the party of the century; however, while a new year signifies a new start… I am perfectly content with spending a quiet night at home.

I’m alive and so is he!  It’s easy to go through life when most things are on track; however, a near death experience can really put a spin on things.  Before this year ended I heard of a family man who lost his life in the blink of an instant.  He was probably healthier than most, definitely loved by his children and the Best Friend to his wife.  The whole situation, for lack of a better word sucks.  I say that not to discount it; however, there truly are no words to describe this.  This world is riddled with those who could leave at anytime and I believe that in certain cases their passing would be a benefit.  Yet, for whatever reason a dedicated family man, loving father and friend to anyone he met…. is gone.

I am not going to talk about losing weight.  I am not going to profess that I am going to try and quit swearing.  I am simply thankful that I am alive to see 2015.  I am overly appreciative that my son is doing well.  I am also quite relieved that despite a horrendous scare… I am able to hold the hand of the one I love.  This New Year brings a clean slate; however, I am more than happy to carry over the family & friends from 2014…as they are truly the most important people in my life.

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