White Castle

64da901517e2d598345bc48e7a722c74It would be the most incredible occurrence in life; however, the timing is completely wrong. How can something so wonderful be considered so very wrong?  Well, there are many things in this life that if they would have happened in another time or place – they would be celebrated, announced and incredible. Yet, there are other moments where you rush to the 24 hour store in order to remedy an action done wrong.  In truth, we need to remember that everything happens for a reason; however, in this particular case, I am stumped on the reason.

I cannot hold it in that for a moment I was excited!  Of course, I am not going to pursue anything; however, for one moment, in my mind – I was the one.  I cannot believe that this has never happened to him before; however, that is what he’s told me.  The overall night was brought to a screeching halt, everything wise and wonderful immediately turned to stupid and scary.  Oh, what a night!

My feelings were all over the board and I wanted to be able to speak; however, simply could not utter the right words.  His fear was that my view of him would change; however, that was not the case at all.  I just had to process all that just happened.  I had to sit for a moment in silence and meditate, finding my inner piece and he profusely apologized.  It was not his fault, no more than it was mine; however, together we resolved the issue.

Each first for us has been a bit different than most couples would seek to achieve; however, the traditional vacations, partner activities et al have already been done, taken and are now essentially dried up or off-limits. I will take what we share and hold it in the light that it deserves.  I am not receiving scraps as she does not even know I am at the table.

Love is a many splendid things!

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