Liar, Liar – Please Start On Fire!

I have strong opinions and trust me when I say this, I do not get upset at most things; however, the few things I hold near and dear to my heart, when disrupted will cause one furious fucking mess in the life of the perpetrator.  I adamantly admire those who stand their ground, live an ethos or creed in which they believe in, of my friends I do not want everyone to agree with me as some of my views are ugly, extreme and non-inclusive; however, I believe varying opinions, beliefs et al are invaluable to life and perhaps changing one’s view. Yet, ALL of my friends are honest and come to me sincere; however, up until recently there was an impostor in the mix.  I fell in love and fell hard; however, it was a friend of mine someone I’d known for years.  They proudly touted never being married and/or living with anyone and I, too shared those same sentiments.  It was odd as years separated us; however, in my heart I felt as if we were one.  There were so many things which brought us together and I truly believed in fate and that whole forever love feeling….but, my brain is far superior to my heart and my ability to remember the smallest of comments persisted.

Initially I thought I was trying to convince myself I could not be this happy with anyone; however, I wanted so much the true feelings of what I felt we shared.  Hearing his voice, seeing his face and being within his warm embrace were wonderful things.  We laughed and shared and carried on – the world was ours and we had it in addition to the each other.  Simple life things were sometimes frustrating; however, overall we took them in stride, until ‘simple life things’ became a conundrum on my side.  The innocent claim of “I just came in the house….” revealed itself as a downright lie.  Now, you may wonder why I’d even mention this; however, it’s simple no person can always be ‘just coming in the house’ every time someone calls.  Sure, it could be quite often; however, be in the wee hours of the AM to the late hours of the night, it’s just not feasible to believe every time I called and he chose to answer that he was JUST coming into the house.  This is a menial thing to mention; however it speaks volumes to the incessant need to lie about things that did not matter, which is the only reason as to why I bring it up at all.

I found friendship and love in another person when I simply could not come up with a reason as to why this person constantly told wild tales; however, my newfound love was tainted as the pleas of the liar were so very consistent and constant…. I gave up the chance of what could be with another.  Shame on me for believing the liar!

Emotions were all over the board as I lost one of my parents and I’d love to say I was weak; however, I just did my very best to remain above water.  I was in a sea of who’s Daughter am I now?  I could barely muster much resistance from liar’s charms and so despite my better judgment I chose to trust and believe once again and the ‘just got into the house’ rhetoric began once again.

If something so trivial as to whether or not you just got in, where just sitting around home was some sort of war crime… what else, does liar, lie about?  The ever-confusing story of Military Service weighs heavily on my suspicion list and because of how I feel about Stolen Valor, I must press on.  I have zero shame in my disqualification at MEPS when I went to enlist in the Marine Corps; however, I value each and every person who has served, honorably and honestly in what their service is or was.  Yet, phrases such as resigned my commission,   my records were lost in the fire, sealed records and M4 Pilot run through my head. How could ALL of these things happen to just ONE person? Why is it that Active Duty Personnel walk away confused after hearing such a tale and how is it possible that the rank of Gunnery Sergeant could be reached in such a short amount of time?  Just exactly when did you serve in the Corps and the Air Force?  Was it in between bank runs, where you Piloted Marines back and forth and why use a civilian in which to do this, when there was an Airwing all too close?  Just what would justify the sealing of records, when records are never sealed…. and if one was to be silly enough to believe the sealed records facade, how could they know they were burned?  When the only records, which were burned in the Kansas City fire, were that of the Army & Air Force, how did your Marine Corps record end up amidst 2 very different branches?  Why would a newly pinned LtCol ask you to pin his medals on the day of his promotion, when he had already had requested 2 people attend in which to do this very respected act?  When you tout of the Minnesota North Stars throwing you a surprise birthday party… just who, put this together and more importantly the question becomes – who are or were you to that organization?  Now, when you say you GAVE/DONATED the land to the hospital in 1963 or thereabouts, what exact ROLE did you play versus that of your Father?  In 63, you were 23, what a feat to have that much land in which to give/donate, while also serving your country as a Marine, Airmen – what?  OR Were you in Med School? Just where were you at this time of said and proudly touted donation?  It was embarrassing when people would speak of their need for medical care and how they were at said hospital and yet BEFORE asking how they were or anything else, you HAD to convey how you gave the land to build the hospital.  In some way I am sure the person cared; however, in truth – why is it always so important to you to tell someone that versus just asking how they are?  Donating something is a very kind and thoughtful gesture; however, the classiest of donations will always be the ANONYMOUS ones and yours or that of your Father’s was anything – BUT, if each time the name of the hospital is mentioned the speaker has to know you or Your Father donated the land.  Why take away the dignity of your Father by announcing to anyone within earshot as to who did what?

There have been many things I questioned over the past 2 years and whenever you adamantly denied something, I’d ask for proof; however, your answer of:  “If I have to prove something, I am just going to walk away….” was just TOO telling.  Truthful people may be annoyed when asked to prove something; however, similar to how I took a picture of you, the dog and the other dog – it was no big deal as I was telling the truth.  Most honest people are not asked to prove something; however, those who are careless with the truth usually are asked… Why is that?  Because they just can’t bring themselves to be honest.  Sound familiar.  So, when you say; “If I have to prove something, I am just going to walk away…..” lace up your shoes, Liar…. it’s time for a walk!  In situations where you were telling the truth, albeit rare, you could not wait to prove it; however, in the numerous situations where you were playing the line – you avoided proving you were a liar by throwing up yet another catch phrase.

Oh, I truly believed you.  I thought I saw a love and care in your eyes; however, I recently saw something so, very, very telling… a dog who has done wrong will avoid eye contact, whereas a snake who just bit you will look you square in the eyes.  Never knew a snake could be so convincing.

I never thought I would be able to live without your love; however, I’m actually enjoying the level of hate I’ve created.  I could not contain my laughter as you sneered at me.  I felt bad for you; however, this is all entirely your doing and so, pity was pointless; however, I’ve found a newfound happiness in your obvious issue with me.  I should be more kind and considerate; however, you would never earn that type of treatment.

As you casually mention to whomever is near how you ‘just got off the ice’ you neglect to see they’re actually waiting to hear if you want anything to drink before ordering.  When you mentioned Med School to my Doctors… only to follow up with you never finished, many looked puzzled as to why you were giving a diagnosis which was already known.  What type of school is that where you deliver a diagnosis already determined by Licensed Doctors.. would that be a Degree from the I Can Read University?

Unfortunately I still do feel sorry for you and in truth her as I was just one of many…. I can understand why you ventured moments with me; however, how did you ever stomach the ‘physical stuff’ with the California Beast?  How did Comet fit into it all and was it similar to Joey when they were barreling down the driveway?  Oh, was there an attempt with Joy?  Will Karen be back in the rotation whenever she can break free from the mall?  Yes, Betty the gold-digger as you referred to her, has she been able to get hold of your checkbook?  I know the wheels of justice continue roll in regard to karma; however, I could not simply leave things peaceful.

I smile at the word crazy and how quick you were to use it; however, being able to foil your web of untruths is not for the weak or stupid…I, like others suspect that a great deal of your disdain for me is out of fear…. there’s true fear that I will continue to persist and chip away at the things you so carelessly claim to others as true.  Do you now know what ‘Quigley’ refers to and who do we have to thank – WikiPedia or Google?  Credit should be given to the appropriate source, since actual experience is non-existent.

I will never quite understand the need to lie like a cheap rug; however, for you it must be a comfort thing.  Is the feud between you and your brother real OR is he the last living relative who knows the truth?  Is he really jealous of you OR is he just as upset with your tails?

So, she did not leave – whew!  What a relief… now, is that really a prize person?  Someone who appears to cling to you as you cavort around with various women.  Is it that she cannot get anyone else OR does she truly feel this is what love is all about?  How can you look at her knowing what you’ve said and done with so many others?  Has her imaginary gent surfaced OR is he just as solid as your truth?  For quite a while I wondered if there was much between the 2 of you in regard to friendship; however, that is a mystery solved.  Each of you has a need to be with someone who is not truly concerned with actual feelings…. Does she still think the Tax Man is out to get her and did any of those low-flying aircraft ever publish the memoirs of her day OR was it just crop dusters who she had hoped were taking an interest in her White vehicle?  Oh, how rare it would be for a plain Jane to have a fan club!

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