He Talked, Well, Does Text Count?

As we end the month of July… it became abundantly clear to me… I need to separate from Mr. Cute… I sent the text again and this time low & behold I received a reply… and it was a fueled one too… he had finally shared a few pieces of information, such as his Mother was in the hospital… this is a woman who I absolutely loved from the moment I spoke to her on the phone.  When we met it was sitting down with an old friend…. She is definitely going to be a hard person to never speak to again… it would be too weird and awkward for me to try to maintain something with her… but, oh how she will remain in my thoughts.  When I first heard about his Mother, I no longer cared about our petty stuff.. I wanted to know how she was… he was limited with information and in truth I understand; however, I was still concerned.

He then went into how we would have been just fine, had I sat in silence for… well, it’s been 3 weeks, so I am thinking I was to be silent for 3 weeks?  As much as I understand the need to process, taking a break – spending some time alone to collect thoughts… 3 – weeks of wondering what was wrong… is well, more time than anyone should have to wait… to hear from someone who ‘claims’ to care.

He was still on the you do not care, because you did not listen to me kick; however, in a relationship there should be some type of balance and in this case, from his point of view, he was 100% request granted expectation and I was at 100% do what he says… Not even in the least, in fact, there was not much room for me at all.

I chalk this up to a Tootsie Roll conversation… the world may never know!

Oh, I am frustrated, upset and in truth really discouraged; however, Mr. Cute has a set way of thinking and there’s no real reason to think he would listen to another side.. he is on his hill of perception and I am on another… Like they say, there’s 3 sides of every story, his, hers and the truth.  In this matter no one lied; however, he & I have our views and I am sure there’s a more reasonable third that takes both sides into account.

Of course I will miss him and oh how I will miss his Mother, Niece & Sister; however, you can’t push water up a hill and if you bring a horse to water he can still kick you in the teeth… Such is life.  We are now to a point where he is more than done texting with me, as I am sure he does not want to talk; however, I am not quite sure I could muster much kindness at this point.  Perhaps when the water cools down; however… I may never have need or desire to visit that watering hole again.

The one thing that I do regret is that I have been misunderstood… that is never easy to walk away from and although I know why I did what I did.. in this particular instance, I wish he would be willing to listen as he claimed to have done before.

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