A Goose Looking For Her Gander

Depending on where you live you’ve probably encountered a Canada Goose…perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of their all too well-known protective nature, but, irrespective of the interaction I am sure you know a little about them.  Here’s what I admire most about the Canada Goose….they mate for life.  Yes, they may take a new partner if their original mate should pass; however, the mating for life is a huge thing for me.  I have heard that in some cases if a hunter should take one goose out of the sky, the other will circle until they are shot as well.  This could be an old wive’s tale; however, I like the sound of it.

For years I would detest these birds as they would crap all over areas that I loved to fish at; however, I recall how I see these birds together.. they are typically in groups or gaggles as they are referred to when on the ground and when in the air they are referred to as a flock flying the infamous V pattern, but nonetheless, they are together.  I also like the fact that each partner takes care of the young.  But, it’s the mating for life that I am focused on here.

I realize that many will say that it is unnatural for humans to only have one partner and to some degree I agree; however, once you’ve sowed your oats and paid your dues so-to-speak… I see nothing wrong in sharing time with one special ‘gander’.  I’ve played the field, scored some wins and all the other sports analogies I can think of; however, the fanfare of those victories were always short-lived as the players changed and in some cases so did the game.  Now, at 41 am I looking for my gander?  No, not necessarily; however, are my eyes open?  Yes…. is my heart open?  Yes….

In life we gain experience by doing.  We learn through our errors more than our successes.   I have found that most of my happiness has come after a storm… I do not look for rain; however, when it comes it washes away the old and there is always a scent in the air of freshness!  There’s nothing more soothing that the roar of thunder and the entertainment of lightning!

Now, when I see the Canada Goose… I can only smile… their mating lifestyle is a goal of mine.. perhaps not the Gosling, the flying or the being hunted parts; however, it’s the lifetime mate thing that I not only admire, but desire.

When it comes to spending time together, it is true that the Canada Goose is not concerned with bills, rush hour and picking the kids up from the sitter; however, they are able to experience some together time enjoying the scenery.

There are situations where humans share the same or similar practices as the Canada Goose or perhaps it is the Canada Goose that is the copy cat.

In any event it is not so much the activity as the fact that there is someone else there to share it.  We can learn a lot from various species… it just depends on whether or not we are open to noticing.

Happy 4th of July to ALL… freedom has never been free…

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