A New Direction with My New Connection

I really enjoy writing this blog, I do.  I have made some wonderful friends, opened myself up to whoever may come across and in truth have learned a great deal about who I am; however, I have no desire to write much about Mr. Cute here.  I am finding myself liking him more and more each day and without any intent of insult… I will keep our moments, experiences and interactions right where they should be – between him and I.

I have written at great lengths about this or that person and in truth had no issue telling all, yet, how I feel about Mr. Cute is simply too beautiful to sum up in words and much too personal to share here.

I do believe that I am turning yet another corner one that I am very happy to explore.  I will say this…. he did not come across like a bull in a China shop or a man just released from the pen… he was and has been a perfect gentleman in every sense of the word.  We talk about all sorts of things and we listen to one another… we’ve shared wonderful moments together with many more to come. I think of him fondly and look forward to hearing his voice, seeing his face and holding his hand.

There is no chaos, craziness or drama… just 2 hopeless romantics spending time together and letting ‘it’ just happen.

I owe a lot of appreciation to those that I have met before… and of course to friends & family that listened to me as I toiled with quirks & jerks, yet, now, equipped with a little more knowledge in my head, a mature/emotionally secure partner and a true connection forming on a myriad of levels… I am modifying this blog’s central focus a little and keeping my relationship with Mr. Cute all to myself… just like it is in person.

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