A New Kind of Happy

countryclaire.wordpress.comHis smile…I recall a time as I drove up, he smiled.  It wasn’t huge, it was genuine and true – just as he is.

Watching him think before he speaks or as he is recalling something… his words have meaning.

Despite success, he’s humble – no need for false bravado!

The sound of his voice – masculine, yet, so very soft.  The way he says my name!

There’s a glisten in his eyes whenever he looks at me.  Few things can make a woman feel better than to have a handsome man look at her with a twinkle.

His kiss….there are no words to adequately describe.

He not only listens….but remembers and inquires.  A truly rare trait!

His body is appropriately toned and yet his embrace is so very soft and comforting.

All of this has created ‘a new kind of happy’ into my life.  I am thrilled… It is wonderful to have someone come back into your life and introduce you to a brand new feeling.

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