Today, I had set out to do a number of things; however, what actually got completed was less than what I had planned; however, here’s the deal… I feel great!  I was able to get home (finally) and hook-up my surround-sound system.  I am on the hunt for the other 2 speakers; however, I am on my way.  I need to get a longer cord to connect the DVR, but, the overall accomplishment was I got the surround-sound to work!  This has been a week’s long process.

Right now I need little achievements to keep me going.  I am listening to the silence and it has been difficult; however, the silence I was experiencing before was near unbearable…this is a silence I simply must hear.

I have returned to my love; Rescue Me – I am watching the beginning episodes and realize how much I love this show.  It makes me laugh, think and wonder.  It’s great white noise as I’ve religiously watched each episode when it was on.  Tommy Gavin gives me something to think about… he’s great to watch on the screen; however, I am so very glad I am not involved with him.  He’s definitely got a sincere spot somewhere, yet, he also has another side as well.

Each moment passes and I can still hear the silence; however, here’s the deal… it is what it is.

I will continue to forge ahead and trust that things are not even of my concern and/or doing.  It is not I that has done anything wrong.  I am good with where I am at…. I am losing weight daily, feeling vibrant and in truth I am beautiful!  I have always been…. yet, lately, I have felt more alive than ever before.

I am not quite sure why at this point I feel this way; however, who needs a reason?  Certainly not, beautiful me!

Love who you are daily… as you may never get the opportunity to do it tomorrow.

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