Actions Triumph Words

actionsIn watching Blue Bloods I heard these words spoken, shortly after a Detective vowed to find the person responsible for the crime.  “Actions triumph words.”

This rings so true in my personal relationship simply because I have watched for so many ‘signs’; however, they never came.  Yet, I had to pay closer attention.  Like most women, I grew up with all sorts of Cinderella type-hype, glass slipper visions, waking up after a long sleep and of course, the infamous kissing of a frog…. well, I am here to tell you that fairy tales do come true; however, they are so much better than the stories of my youth.  What I have is a modern day ‘prince charming’ – one who does more than says.  This is such a refreshing change from all of those who speak and never do, for those who profess and fizzle out and for those who clamor without any band.  I am done!  So, done with all of that craziness.  It’s been over a year and we are doing finer than a frog’s hair split 3 ways.  Just so you know – that’s pretty fine!

loveHe shows me his care by simply being there.

I’ve had the fanfare and while the lights, flowers and candlelit dinners were lovely, they were missing that one critical thing – substance.  I am rarely ever impressed by show; however, I have had my own share.  I am done with overall falsities.  I am in love and I simply could not be happier.

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