Adjustment Period

Anything new causes some sort of ‘adjustment’ period, whether it’s a new pair of jeans, a career or even a vehicle… there’s a period in which you are learning.  For instance a new pair of jeans can be a rewarding or horrific experience, depending on the size.  It’s not necessarily a long period, but, when you first put them on they should feel like a comfortable friend.  If not, you bought the wrong size!

When you start a new career, the job title may be similar to what you’ve had in past; however, the new company, people and overall expectations of what the company expects are all adjustment periods, some last the length of the job whereas others are old hat within a few days.

The excitement of a new vehicle whether it is off the showroom floor or just new to you always has that adjustment period in which you check out all the cool features that your previous vehicle did not have OR perhaps you utilize the working features that no longer operated in your old one.  In any event the first drive of a new vehicle is always rewarding as you learn about the new things it has.

From the most common things of jeans to something more important like a new person, there’s an adjustment period.  No matter how much you talk, there will always be unknowns when getting to know someone new.  Despite your attempt to know it all immediately, it is absolutely impossible to ‘know’ exactly how someone is going to react to everything.  You cannot reflect on the actions of another as they are not the one that you are relating to.  You can trust your gut, but, YOUR gut is just that – YOURS.  What you need to do in order to really know, is ask.  Assume has never worked well for me and despite my keen inability to (almost) know what another is thinking, doing or feeling… it is not FACT, it’s just perception.  I have been known to talk about attitude & perception as the only 2 things that we can truly control; however, again, that is MY attitude and MY perception.

In matters of the heart I feel really deep.  It’s something I am quite proud of and yet, at the same time I feel that it can also be a curse.  But, rather than focus on the negative, I choose to look at what is positive…. When you feel deeply, you’re invested, yes, like Wall Street, it can backfire on you… but, at the same time if you’re going to think of someone, reserve time for them and share who you are with them, then you had better be ‘ALL IN’ for the right reasons… because you sincerely want to.. and you have a passion to.  Anything less would just be filler time and no one deserves to be treated like that.

I have a deep passion for my close friends.  They are people I spend time with.  I care about how they are, what they do and who they are.  I regard them with the utmost respect and would do anything for them.  Even with my now best friends, there was an adjustment period.

I have a deep passion for my family.  They are people who I enjoy spending time with and I value our time together.  I enjoy holidays and just picking up the phone to catch-up.  For some family is not as important; however, the dynamics of a family can be all over the map.  I am very happy to have the family that I do.. they are supportive, loving and truly are there for me, not just when I need them, but in general.  I first learned unconditional love from my family.  Although there is not an adjustment period in family as you are growing, there can be when you become an adult as you re-acquaint with family that do not live as close.  Yet, this adjustment period is not as prevalent.

This post was spurred by some recent feelings… I can meet someone and talk with them at great lengths; however, there is still an adjustment period and in some cases, it can be just as exciting as meeting them!

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