All Lives Matter

10520510_10204908448847630_7971573758409780119_oThe proposed event set to be held at Mall of America tomorrow is so very sad. I do believe there’s always room for continual improvement, but, to feel that you have a ‘right’ to invade a privately owned space is, at its core – stupid.

After being politely advised AND offered an alternative, the response is to go ahead anyway and plan to claim racism if arrested for breaking the law. I can come up with 2 recent situations where someone was breaking the law and ended up dying, yet, the ‘criminal/perpetrator’ is being revered as an ‘innocent victim’ with Law Enforcement being the bad guy. I’m not sure things can get much more misconstrued than they already are.

If you want to see true change, don’t do it where you can get an Orange Julius or your ears pierced, do it at the city, county, state & federal levels. Do it sans demonstrations that impair regular, everyday citizens OR do it on your own multi-billion dollar property, not a public highway.

No one ‘deserves’ to die; however, no interest group ‘deserves’ the right to protest on private property where they’ve been asked not to. This is NOT removing your right to protest, it’s merely indicating that protesting on privately owned property is NOT allowed.

This group’s indignant refusal to respect the request of the property owner indicates that this group feels they’re above the law – you’re not! I’ve seen that many people are bringing their children – indignant and irresponsible parents…. even worse!

I have zero respect for anyone who attends this event tomorrow…Law Enforcement Professionals have a very tough job, not all of them are stellar; however, MOST ARE…they do not set out to do harm; however, their primary job is to enforce the laws and keep the peace. This protest will break laws (i.e. they were advised by the property owner not to hold this event on private land) and disturb the peace and therefore Law Enforcement must do their job.

If you want to see change, approach your initiative in a respectful manner that would show you’re rational…if you want to see chaos, conduct your protest where not allowed… the result will not elicit any type of change for the greater good – it will take holding facilities to their capacity, misconstrue the already twisted perception of Law Enforcement and in essence reverse the advancements already made.

ALL LIVES MATTERS, NOT, JUST Black – by using a color, you’ve already created separation, it does NOTHING to indicate a desire to be cohesive or one. Reverse racism is just as debilitating…

Everyone has something better to do tomorrow….I know this post will not change much of anything; however, it is a place where I can voice my opinion.

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