Today is the day that I became a Citizen of the United States!  It has always been celebrated in my family.  This year we had a family picnic and it was an absolutely beautiful day… the humid, unbearable weather that had plagued us for the past several days had passed and we were able to sit outside and just catch-up!

The morning started out rough to say the least… Mr. Cute was not going to today’s festivities as it brought him too far out of the city; however, after a few words, it was said:  Why don’t we spend the day apart.  Well, you don’t have to get any clearer than that.  Although it was already known that we would be separate hearing it stung.

Okay…so, I left earlier than expected; however, there’s no way I needed or wanted to be around that moody!  WOW!  I get that everyone has their day; however, on this special day I was shocked that this was the treatment that I was receiving.

An hour’s drive and I was among family… friendly faces and people that genuinely make me feel good.  It felt good and although the limited drama of the AM were fresh in my mind I was quick to move it to the ‘later’ thought box and enjoy time with those I love.

We cooked out… ate like pigs and talked.  When the time came for me to depart… the ‘later’ box popped open.  I had the hour to think & reflect on this morning’s events….

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