Another Dating Fail!

With school starts fast approaching I sort of feel like I’ve got a brand-new box of crayons… with my new approach to dating; however, this latest venture has proven to be, well – dismal, at best.

I’m keeping my head up and my options open, yet, I had a very interesting ‘date’ for lack of a better word.  The highlights can be found here…

We talked for a while and things were going about nicely… to the point where we decided to meet up… I am never overly hopeful; however, at the same time I am open…. as I neared the restaurant I prepared myself for the best or worst… he showed up, just as I expected and we had an incredible dinner…. I got up to get something and happened to notice a tattoo that he had as I walked past… This indicated a concern… there as PLAIN AS DAY… on the back of his upper left arm was the word.. White…. and as a partner to that left arm his right upper arm… Pride.  WOW… did he know who he was with?  A Korean woman… a non-white person…Unable to ignore this statement… I sat back down and inquired…..

He must’ve felt overly comfortable with me as the truths started to pour out like gangbusters.. Oh, where to start… well, let me attempt to do this in chronological order…

He explained that the tattoo was to properly position or protect himself while in… jail..prison.. for….

  • Meth
  • Fleeing Police
  • Assault on a Police Officer

OK, I think that about sums it up…. it was no big deal for me to hear these things as I’ve had many chats with those that have been Guests of the State; however, the scene was a date….but, in my volunteer work.

As we continued to talk… I more or less felt the need to bolt, run… get the hell out of dodge; however, with enough grace and class as to not spook him.

I listened intently to his stories; however, I simply said that I needed to go.  I did address the fact that I had no interest in continuing any sort of dialogue and he concurred as through our conversations.. my college experience, previous work and  long-time friendships with Police came up.. Not so much as a brag, but, simply as conversational items.

What surprised me, yet, also added a level of comfort was the fact that he said… there’s something about you that freaks me out… I almost chuckled; however, instead I simply waited for his next statement.. he continued with how much my friendships with Law Enforcement caused him to worry that everything was too close.  This was more than comforting… and we simply parted ways without incident.

In truth I am more than relieved; however, at the same time I simply have to laugh… the ex-con, despite the things he admittedly was guilty for… had more conversational tools than Mr. Cute.  Oh… how life can surprise you… scare you and entertain you all at the same time.


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