libra-ashxIt could be my Libra energy that inherently forces me to seek balance in all that I do; however, I have to think that some of that is simply practical thinking.  Lately I have had an exciting addition in my life… one that I am very happy and elated about!  Yet, with anything new, there is an adjustment period.  I am more than open to it as I find this addition to be one that I’ve desired all my life!

When I think about balance, it’s twofold… there’s making everything even out to the penny and then there’s the situation where you give something or take something away… In giving something away, I do not feel obligated nor do I feel cheated.. in fact, in this particular case, I am more than happy to give away my single status… my search for someone special and my hopeless romantic voice that says… yes, there is someone out there ‘just’ for you!  I will not make any futuristic assumptions or place undue expectations; however, I will, for now, say that I am completely elated to be on a path that I’ve never ventured on before.  Yes, Captain Kirk’s voice just came to me…

I have found that splitting my time between home and elsewhere has been cathartic for me.  In each place I feel welcome, perhaps, even ‘at home’ in a sense.

Life has a funny way of delivering what you desire most at a time when you can truly appreciate it.  For many years I searched or at the very least was open to someone, yet, they never came… if truth be told, while I was looking.. I cannot necessarily say that I was ready.  Now, I feel ready.. and I am able to spend meaningful time with someone.

I’ve never been one for pomp & circumstance when it comes to something as pure as care or dare I say it, love.  I believe that the most mundane situations can be elaborately beautiful, when shared with someone you care for.  I do not dismiss the niceties of frilly things, yet, what matters most to me are moments rather than mementos.

I have a host of craziness going on in the world now, just like everyone else, yet, I have several calming people in my life that are all healthy, happy and living.. that is what matters most to me.. and that is what I am most thankful for.  Yes, I need to be responsible for my own actions and accountable to the things that are in front of me, but, in the end… I will always pay more attention to those around me as people and relationships are truly what we should be living for.

I have a new way in which I view the world… not simply because of another, but, because of where I am in life.  I am 41 years old… my son will soon graduate and I am surrounded by wonderful people.  I do not have more than the average Joe, yet, I am far from a pauper. I place more value on time than I once did and I cherish moments spent with those I care about.. because they are never guaranteed.

Life is a constant balancing act; however, it’s inevitable that if you prioritize what truly matters, you will always be in sync.  It’s times such as this that I feel will be what fills up your mind-memory bank and your scrapbook pages… Invoices, appointments and to-do lists will always be around; however, the ones that you truly care for, well, they are only here for a short time, just as I am….

Embrace those around you.  Cherish each minute you have with them and they with you and love who you are – DAILY!

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