Born At The Wrong Time….

I will always say that children come when they come… yet, I believe that I was born at the wrong time.  I know that the grass is always greener on the other side; however, despite that knowledge I sincerely believe that I should have come to this world… around the time that my Grandmother did, 1905.  Yes, she endured The Great Depression; however, with all of the crazy medical initials today, this could be viewed as The More Expansive Depression.  ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD etc.

I love the clothing from the 20’s and could definitely see myself sporting those fluttery dresses and fabulous hats!  Men also had a more dapper way about them too!

I like SOME of the styles of today; however, I think that women had a much more alluring style back then.  Everything appears to be OUT IN THE OPEN these days and I am not quite sold on that being the most alluring way in which to showcase yourself.  Some of the most beautiful women in this time period did not have to resort to showing their girl business.. instead they had that alluring way about them and their clothing fluttered with each graceful step.  I’ve never been much for the latest styles or anything that shallow; however, I do love the way the clothing of the Roaring 20’s looks, well, at least for those that had the financial ability in which to roar!

Although there are gangsters and cheats in every time period, morals and integrity were more common than I sense they are today.  I know that any general statement will render some backlash; however, let it fly… in the end you know I am right.  My Grandfather would tell me often that all you really have is your word and that advice rings true still today.  Most will not believe it; however, they are typically the ones that do not have a trustworthy word.

In addition to the clothing styles and the integrity factor… there was also no internet and although I am on Facebook, WordPress and various other social sites, I still value same room, face-to-face conversation over anything else.  We lose something when we are on our cell phones, during a Skype call or simply texting… true communication is not just the things we hear, but the things we see, the subtle cues, the general body language and tonality.  I believe that there are more broken relationships due to the lack of the things I’ve just mentioned.  When we rely on technology to carry the most precious form of communication we already gamble with what is said and what is interpreted.  I am a huge believer in communication, open, honest and direct… and with the new-fangled technological things of today… the risk of misunderstanding is far greater than it was years and years ago.

I enjoy some of the things of today; however, I think the more we advance technologically we regress socially as people.  We have become screen dependent and the little things that once mattered are lost to apps and texts.

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