By My Side

FYRPTT0GQRB6OI8.MEDIUMAll too often people write about the misses of life, the opportunities that have passed or how they never opened the door meant for them.  Society is more interested in the demise of another versus the stories of triumph, success or reached goals.  It’s such a very sad thing that we would rather slow traffic to watch another get a citation than revel in the smile of a child.  Have we gotten to the point, where pain is our pleasure?  Sad.

If you’re into that sort of thing, stop reading now, as this is the initial writing of a journey.

Throughout our busy lives we exchange moments with many; however, there are those special times when we can change a moment into momentum.  Time and time again, we went through the same banter, yet, one day the music changed a note or two. It’s too soon and much too new to have any wild expectations; however, I will say that this beginning has a wonderful cadence.  One should never run before they walk, therefore, I’m simply enjoying the stroll.

There’s a lot of turmoil in the world and yes, one could spend their entire night & day engulfed in the tears of the world; however, for what reason?  Why fill yourself with so much unrest?  The rewards of learning about another are so much more fulfilling.  Mentions of vinyl, rain on a tin roof and the writings of Robert Service all play a role and yet, despite the most evident difference, we share many things in common.   Oh, what will that next note bring?  How will we continue to learn of one another… what, is that next topic?

I recently left what I considered a relationship; however, the end was nothing more than a balloon long ago deflated. I had little to no tears and in truth, I felt a sense of calm as I drove away that rainy Saturday night.  I have nothing in which to rebound from, so, whatever this is that’s starting is truly of my own doing and not to replace another.  In its purest form… it’s new.

One of the best ways in which to get to know another is to remove some of the conveniences that technology has brought and yet to capitalize on some of the others in which to stay connected.  Yet, compatibility and perhaps a deeper connection will unfold in-person, where the many are not around.

Can I be giddy?  Do I get to be led into a room with his hand on the small of my back?  Can I still be the independent woman who desires his commanding presence? Yes! I can make choices and decisions; however, I suspect I will not have to.  Oh, what a relief that will be!  All too often, many will confuse my desire to be directed as a surrender of power; however, why go against the forces of nature where power has no place?  I give up nothing of myself, by being revered as special.  I lose nothing by allowing another to help me with the door, my coat or my chair. I will experience what I’ve always valued as true & proper.  Women so often feel as if they have to forge ahead in order to be powerful, whereas, I believe a lady is so much more when being a lady.

As I embark on whatever this is… I do so with no expectations.  I do this in order to ensure that it is with pure intentions versus having a plan.  One cannot plan what they do not know.. and therefore, it is up to me to just trust that the reason for this will show itself when needed.

What a wonderful time in my life to have found this road…. now, with open mind, willing grace and flowing dress I begin my journey with the proverbial pen by my side.

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