Chattanooga, TN

I’m still furious that the flags were NOT lowered and when I am furious – I write, here’s another CountryClaire original.

marines-dead-tn-370x237I did not know these heroes
and just recently learned their names
For they never sought the glory
nor hungered for this fame
Each name represents a tragedy
that Americans must face
They’re lives so briskly taken
the President’s non-action a disgrace
The White House does not notice
the loss of these 5 lives
Yet lowered the flag for dirtbags
that died from getting high

That’s OK Osama
your support is never there,
We’ll continue to hold the torch
of honor and of care
All of us Americans
keep their families in our prayers
All of us Americans
know you won’t be there
For they did not rob a liquor store
or sell smokes on city streets
They were the warriors of this land
with callouses on their feet
For they took an oath some time ago
to keep us safe from harm
While you let the terrorists of this world
stay stocked and fully armed

Each Hero will be put to rest
with honors and with love
They all were young, but now they’re done
and their souls rest up above
Their names are not forgotten,
their lives are not erased
They’ll always have remembrance
they’ll always have a place
I hope one day you’ll realize
that when all is said and done
The most deadly terrorist of them all
is YOU – You’re Number 1

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