Most things require some sort of collaborative event…. I’ve seen shirts that say:  Plays well with others; however, never would I think to buy one for myself.  I know that I play nice; however, at the same time as I age, I also know that I play strict.  Never will I think I know more than another; however, as like anyone else, there are things that I know like the back of my hand and other things I’ve never even experienced.  Knowing what I know and what I do not is probably more powerful than anything else.  This is a trait that I wish others would possess…

When I was growing up, I would say that I knew about something for fear that I would not be accepted; however, that is something that I’ve outgrown.  I’ve noticed that others around me have varying degrees of this.

When working with a team or a group, it is paramount to be open to various ideas as each person brings their own sense of style, opinion and view.  It is also critical to professionally steer them from areas in which they do not have experience.  Of course, you always want to make sure that you are there to teach, but, at the same time if their learning impedes on the goal of the organization then you have to make sure to keep the ultimate goals on track.

I enjoy working with others, yet, I still do best on my own most of the time.  Part of any solution is not only having the right tools, but, knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Is there something that you know about yourself that took you a good portion of your life to learn and really know?

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