COPS S18/E35 “Coast to Coast” (2006)

copsDuring a routine traffic stop, one of the occupants, female is not dressed, no, I do not mean scantily clad – flat out naked.  There’s a ton of needles throughout her car and after she’s able to wrap a sheet around her, they discover in her purse the following, baggies, a needle and a scale.  None of those items are hers, so she says; however, as the Sheriff asks her about her vehicle, she then realizes that the vehicle is NO longer hers.  Seized due to drugs.  Duh!  She has to go to class tomorrow and she completely ignores the overall severity before her.  So sad.  If she’s unable to grasp this situation, I’m not quite sure how bright she is overall.  I’m a huge fan of COPS the show and the profession.  I am shocked at the amount of people who are wearing someone else’s pants, those who have no idea what is in their own purse and what people are willing to shove or stash in certain, sensitive areas. Glass pipe – nope, not going up there!

I realize that drugs are a major problem; however, stupidity is up there.  I continue to watch this show, reruns, new ones, does not really matter.  I especially like how people think they’re going to fool those who do this everyday.

I am still on the hunt for what I would consider the VERY best COPS episode ever… I can hardly remember the overall premise; however, a woman calls the Police on her boyfriend. It is later determined that she is actually the doer.  When the Police go to take him in, she immediately comes unglued screaming…”Don’t take my man!” Her upset causes her to end up in cuffs and there was some clarification from another Officer that he was not to go – ONLY she was.  As they put the cuffs on her, you could see the feeble hamster start to turn… her facial expression changed when she realized that ‘her man’ was not going anywhere – she was.  In that moment of clarity as loud as she possibly could she yells “He’s got weed! He’s got weed!” I am not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard in all my life.  This is a love story that should be aired daily.  If anyone reading this knows of the episode, please let me know.  It was classic!

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