If you’ve ever had a few minutes, I strongly encourage you to check out the Personals Section on Craigslist NOT TO FIND YOUR MATE… I came across these out of curiosity as I was looking for a lawnmower… WOW!  If you ever wondered where the Serial Killers of the World post ads.. this is it!  Never in a million years.. have I ever laughed so hard in my life and yet the very next ‘ad’ will have me in tears… As I skim through the postings that list the city I live in… a small prayer is always said:

Please don’t be my neighbor….

I totally understand that eHarmony is pricey and that Craigslist is quick & easy; however, so are many of the posters.  It almost becomes addictive… like a bad accident only you are not in danger of causing another accident as you read through many of the posts.  I would love to be embarrassed that I read these; however, I am not posting … so, I’m good!

I’ve started to write articles for WikiHow, it’s been a really great experience thus far and not only do I encourage you to click the image below to read some of my articles, but, consider becoming part of the WikiHow community.  

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