Departing Ends Anew

In a week he will be gone and although I know he will return… I am starting to feel a little sad.  I know that I have a busy month ahead of me; however, in just a few short months.. he’s become the one that I want to go to first with news, good or bad.  He’s said that I can always come to him .. words that I’ve waited oh so long to hear from someone sincere.  I know that it is only a month and thanks to technology we will be able to remain connected; however, it’s not the same.

I grew up with the long telephone cord wrapped all over the house.. and a busy signal meant.. try later.. there was no calling someone when you were out.  You were either with the ones that you wanted to talk to or you merely endured the time together.

Yes, I have my ‘smart phone’, a laptop, desktop and more technological knowledge than needed; however, I still value person-to-person connections.

It’s funny how you can be so reliant on something and in that same instance detest how impersonal the world has become.

Well, this will be a short one; however, I will miss my D.E.A.R. so very much and will look forward to November rushing by….

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