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It’s no secret that I am entering into the world of dating; however, I sprinted through that step and found someone that I completely meshed with.  The flurry of rushing through some, now known very important steps has placed me in the debating stage… perhaps that is where he was too…yet, lack of conversation caused me to act and without much grace.  I am now waiting… hoping that he will call.  In 2 months I went from dating to mating to debating to now waiting.

In times like these I wish there was a “Do Over” switch, like Pac Man has…. I want a do-over, yet, there’s no Do Overs when it comes to Mr. Cute, he will forgive; however, never forget.  His words are clear and although he may not say much, what he does say carries the weight of what he means.  I love this about him; however, of course when his words are clear, cold and concise toward me, I wish he would forget a thing or two; however, you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Now, I wait.  I jumped the gun, sprinted before the race had even started and put my clear intentions into the garble machine and that’s what I said.  There’s no way he could understand what it was that I was doing as I was not even sure what I had said; however, the primary message came across and he held me to it.  I was frustrated; however, I may have made it worse… unrecoverable.

Well, time will always tell and if it doesn’t… the message wasn’t that important then!

How to End a Relationship Via Email

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This should NEVER be done. Email has become the new norm; however, its popularity is due to quick & easy. Although ending a relationship can be hard to do in person, the primary reason that you SHOULD do it in person is simply because you shared time with this person.


  1. Golden Rule. Keep the Golden Rule at the forefront of your mind. Would you like to have this done to you? I am guessing that the honest answer is, NO. Therefore why would you want to do it to someone else?
  2. If you are in a relationship, then you are probably somewhat mature. Part of maturity is doing difficult or unpleasant things, if you’re mature enough to have had relations with another and no, I do not mean sex.. the be mature enough to end it with some dignity for both parties.
  3. You can email the person to meet you at this place at this time. That should be as far as ending the relationship via email should go. Sometimes people can sense something in your voice, so to keep things calm, emailing a time/place may be the best way; however, do not end it with I need to talk to you about something.
  4. Own up to the fact that you are breaking things off for valid reasons that you have and know that in person is the best way to go. Make sure to do this in a semi-private place, one where the person can show some emotion, yet, at the same time if things go south, you are not alone.
  5. Do not even consider text or voice mail as an option. Be OK with your decision and do it as amicably as possible. The other person has a right to their own emotions & reaction; however, once their pain subsides and the dust settles, they will not have the added hurt of having it done electronically.


  • Be an adult.
  • Remember the Golden Rule
  • Be clear and stick to your guns.


  • Meet in a semi-public place
  • Do not break up via email, phone or text, that’s just rude.

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