Day 1 of 365

Happy New Year!  I did stay up to ring in the New Year; however, not necessarily by choice…but, the safety of those I love and care for far exceeds a few missed hours of slumber.  Luckily, they made it home safely and were snug in bed shortly after 2:30 AM.  I had given up around 2, but remained alert until I got a text letting me know that they were on their way home.  He slept soundly; however, as I crept into the bedroom, he did ask if they had arrived….

I was able to code and do a little work as I waited and luckily Law & Order SVU was on yet another marathon.  Love that show!  Still enjoy the old or the new, while the stories continue to have similarities, they are still fun to watch or use as a white noise while other work is being done.

A New Year!  I stayed away from any large resolutions or promises of change.  I prefer to just continue to grow and learn.  Most resolutions are usually forgotten, therefore, I choose to just make changes when they come versus using a specific day or date in which to decide that change is in order.

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