Day 10 of 365

Things are getting back to normal!  Calls, calls, calls and more calls; however, this is what we/he’s been waiting for.  Normally, I feel a titch guilty when the phone rings and I know he has to brave the elements, whereas I get to stay snug as a bug; however, after more than a 2 week hiatus, the ringing of the phone is exactly what ‘the patient’ ordered.  Instead of idly sitting by, I had a lingering desire for a Cobb Salad and knew exactly where I needed to go, couple that with a necessary errand and I was all set with my plan for the day.  I loaded up my truck and headed west!

I walked into the restaurant and chose the bar versus taking up a table for just one.  A conversation of lost cell phones and what to do in that case was in full blown discussion with the waitstaff and patron, I, of course had to chime in as I recently experienced the panic of a lost phone and no ‘find it’ app installed.

FYI: Android users, if you’ve lost your phone and like me, never installed an app – there’s still a way to locate it if you have gps on OR at the very least lock it down with only the option to call you if the person is cut from honest cloth.  Click here for details.

I added my 2 cents and proceeded to order tea, a bowl of turkey vegetable (homemade, of course) and the Cobb Salad.  I’m not big into the bar scene and for the most part I steer clear of the whole thing; however, this salad is to die for and the service staff are really nice.  I was able to overhear the conversation between another patron and the bartender, he was really trying to get an edge… Dining alone allows one to just sit and listen to the communications of others.  In certain situations, this can be more interesting than conversations I’ve had with those I know.

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