Day 11 of 365

No sigh guy.  During a brief closer cohabiting period there were a lot of deep breaths – a lot! Short of wondering if there was a gasping issue all I could ascertain was that someone was just a bit antsy about the extra footsteps in the hallway.  Lots of sighs…to the point where despite my love for him I wanted to just squeeze out that last bit of air.  Yet, I understood and as I really looked at – I did not take it personally.  I’ll be honest at first, I did; however, I’ve come to realize that a lot of the things that keep me unnecessarily freaked out are mine – all mine, unproven by actual fact or feeling, they’re simply something that I’ve allowed to take over my thinking space.

I need to heed to the lesson and perhaps I need to sigh a little and just exhale.

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