Day 9 of 365

Friday, well, as we return to the norm, this is the first Friday of that norm.  I’m excited, yet, apprehensive.  As I learn that absence makes the heart grown fonder, I need to realize that I am still somewhat plagued by out of sight, out of mind.  Things never really changed and yet, there were many attempts to create something out of nothing.  Being aware of my own self, I need to ensure that I stay on the right side of thinking.  What do I know?  What is real?  What do I have no idea about?  What have I made up?  These are questions and the answers are important.  The real answers.  The true answers.  The actual answers.  It’s also nice to make sure that I only answer, what I have the ability to versus creating an answer that truly is not there.

Yes, circular thinking and logic.  I am the Queen of that.  I need to step down, return to the Princess phase.

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