Dedicated Evasive Automatic

This morning while getting ready I caught a few minutes of The Recruit with Al Pacino…more or less the movie is about the training of CIA Agents and the twists and turns are constant.  First you think that Layla really did get cut from the school only to realize that it was a ploy to throw another agent off his game.  The entire movie has these surprises or ploys… which has caused me to wonder.  Are they all automatically dedicated evasive?

In smaller, much more manageable groups – are we all set to be this way?

One minute it’s this and the next minute it’s that.  Does everyone waffle between 2 points?  In situations where there is pressure and/or consequences do we fall into the mode of paranoid?

How often in a day do you change how you feel?  Have you ever been in a situation where you ‘think’ you know where someone is coming from ONLY to be hit by the train that they were nowhere near the same thought as you ‘thought’ they were?

Life has a strange way of sneaking up on you and love is even sneakier.  How can you know when it’s personality versus instinct?  In truth – do you ever really know?

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