Delayed, On-Time, Early and Late

My blog post schedule is similar to that of airplane arrivals…. some are delayed, in other words, they were started and parked in the DRAFT area, whereas others are dead-on-balls-accurate (it’s an industry term, My Cousin Vinny)… yet, some posts are early, in other words they were premature thoughts, experiences et al that I wrote about, yet, they never came to fruition… and then there are those that are just plain LATE!  In other words, there will be some that are right on the money.  If you’ve come into this blog late, there’s no reason to read back as everything that is to come has yet to be written.  Plus, reading back would be a bit on the stalker side, don’t ya think?

I have been conversing with several bloggers and I notice that some post here and there, whereas others are quite religious in how they post.  I take a look at as a release a way in which I can express myself.  I know that I could sing from the highest mountain or simply pick-up a journal and start writing away; however, this has been a very welcoming medium and I enjoy the people I have met.

This will be a short one.. but, in case you’re wondering… it’s on-time!

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