Deploy or Not? What Makes a Marine?

While most of my posts have been around dating, relationships and disasters… I need to take a step back to write on another subject.  Many of you know that I have a very special place in my heart for Marines. I respect and admire ALL branches of the military; however, Marines have played a critical role in my life, up close & personal…. and it is the Jarheads that I’ve spent the most time getting to know.  They’re a breed like no other and I love them very much.

All too often, I’ve heard….“Well, I did not deploy… so, I’m NOT a real Marine…” OR something similar… While I understand that in close company there may be jibing and kidding, in truth it is NOT about deployment, but about the potential in which to deploy.  ANY enlisted person will go long before they come knocking on my door. 

handI get it.. many sign up to ‘fight’ for their country only to spend 4-20 years in formation, wrenching on things, paperwork etc.; however, at the same time…. it’s the not knowing what could happen at any given time that should be focused on. When it comes to Marines.. the moment your feet hit the deck from The Reaper and you share that special moment with a DI that literally made your life a living hell… it is then and ONLY then, that you earn the title Marine.  This is why people look at you with respect.. this is why the “Thank You’s for your Service.” should be taken without question… few civilians know if you’ve deployed or not.  They remain appreciative because you signed up for something bigger than yourself.  Some civilians wanted to serve, but, for a myriad of reasons could not… Remember there are many able bodied persons enjoying all of the freedoms that America has to offer and they selfishly have chosen to remain one of the takers and NOT the givers.  Be proud that you, at a very young age, signed up for something not knowing where it may take you….


When it comes right down to it… it is not whether you travel to far and distant lands with a rifle in your hand that makes you a Marine… it’s that you earned the title through your dedication to a core set of values and the physical, mental and emotional parameters that are within each United States Marine.

At the end of the day… as you sit in the barracks, on the sand or your sofa for that matter, you are a member of a very small, yet, lethal group.  You represent  237 years and 9 months (as of this writing) of history that you’re a part of.  You wear an emblem that is known throughout the world… what’s the saying, there is no better friend and no worse enemy than a Marine?

For each and every Marine that has never deployed… please remember there are only 2, count ’em 2 things that anyone can control… yes, even, you Marine… What are those 2 things?  Attitude & Perception… and therefore, how you perceive what a ‘real’ Marine is, will inevitably impact your attitude.  So, if nothing else.. know that once you’ve earned that title.. whether you ever leave the great lands of America or not.. you are a hero to me and to the Corps.

God loves you and so do I, Marine… carry on!

This post was written with some specific people in mind; however, I hope it is shared with others as I think this is sometimes an internal struggle with other Marines that have yet to meet Momma Claire.

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