Does Everything Align

One of the funniest things about meeting new people is ‘thinking’ that you have your preference list all thought out; however, there’s always the possibility that you meet someone where you have absolutely nothing in common.  Sure, you can share a few likes i.e. chili, political view and being left-handed, but, that does not overshadow the millions of other things that you do not share.  Is that a bad thing?  Is it a deal-breaker?  Is it even worth discussing?  Well, here’s the funny part about meeting someone who you may not typically seek out…  They offer a completely different perspective… you end up getting a whole new perspective and in truth… you could actually find yourself having a great time, laughing and just going with whatever comes.

I still have my preferences, yet, I am also willing to expand my approach and take people as they are.  In truth I’ve always been this way when it comes to friendships’; however, in potential personal relationships… I’ve been a little more stringent.  I am not planning the aisle walk; however, I am not ruling someone out based on the endless list of things that we do not share in common.

He’s a blast to hang out with, funny, charismatic, endlessly interesting and chivalrous to the umpteenth degree! Oh and when I had endless conversations with the wait staff… not only did he find delight in the conversation, but, he also joined in rather than making huge sighs like a red, dragon shirt wearing Muppet!

I make no assumption, determination as to what this is; however, one thing for sure… I have a super cool new friend and that is pretty awesome!

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