Don’t Ever Assume

It’s never easy when you meet someone new to really ‘know’ what it is that they are thinking.  Yes, you can ask; however, there are certain situations in which that state of unknown is sort of appealing.  I’ve never been one to play hard to get or coy, when it was to the point of childishness; however, there’s something about him that just causes me to remain a little mysterious.  Perhaps it comes from the friendship that we’ve established despite all of the opposites.

In any event, when he touched my leg the other night I had thought that he was trying to tell me something and yet, he had nothing to say… the touch of my leg was intentional and the words, were implied.  Here I had thought/assumed that he had hit my leg on accident… only to find out that it was on purpose.

Sitting next to him was nice; however, I wasn’t quite sure if I just felt like the luckiest woman in the room or perhaps it was because I knew something the rest did not.  Yet, what did I really know?

It’s funny how certain people can just bring out an entirely different side of you….where you do not truly know exactly what it is that you’re feeling, yet, you are definitely feeling something.  Which is why I advise that one should never assume.

I find this person entertaining, fun, professional, energetic, intelligent, charismatic, charming and the list goes on and yet, at the same time I really do not have a specific box in which to put him in.  Not that I put people in boxes; however, in most cases we have our friends here, our professional colleagues here, the people we know of here etc. yet, there are those that come into our life and they fit in comfortably in just about any area … and therefore they do not need to be compartmentalized into a particular box… he would be one of them…

Well, I make no futuristic assumptions; however, I will say this, I’ve definitely found a very interesting friend and I could not be happier… there, that about sums it up for now…. Stay Tuned, I am sure he will pop up in yet another post sometime.

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