Don’t Wake Me If I’m Dreaming….

It has been forever and a day since I’ve posted.  There was not much to write about a person I once held in such high regard only to find out he was as full of shit as I came to realize.  I could feel stupid, I could blame myself for not seeing it sooner; however, his repetitive claims that I was crazy indicate that I knew something was up.  I wanted to believe he was what I thought, yet, the closer you are to someone the easier it is to see their lies.

Back on the site again….. no expectations as those only land you in Dumbville or Heart Hurt Land….19 September – 7 days before my 47th birthday, it’s always worth a shot as I know I want to find that hand to hold.  I came across a profile late in the night… blond, obviously strong and yet, instead of a picture of himself in front of some sports car, he chose a writing:  “One of the best feelings in the world, is when you hug someone you love and they hug you back even tighter.”  There was just something about it.. perhaps my yearning for someone to squeeze me so tight I almost burst, yet, I wrote a quick note….. crickets.

When I woke up the next day, I had a wonderful surprise.. he wrote me back!  We began a quick exchange and soon I had to take things to text… I never much liked chatting on that site and in truth if exchanging numbers was an issue for him, I would not be interested.. he quickly replied with his number and off we went!

We were able to talk that evening and even more the next day; however, my cynical mind was… meet him… see what the chemistry is – there’s no way someone can be this genuine and yet, while I wanted to question who he was…. because of my past experiences, his innocence and sincerity were coming out in spades through the line.  I was still cynical as change is not necessarily my strong suit, when it comes to matters of the heart.  He had to work, so Sunday was the plan….

I went about my day, excited and then the cynic in me would calm me down…. then he lets me know he’s NOT working Saturday; however, he did have to take care of something during the day and we could go out that night!  Yippee!  I can find out what’s wrong with him then as he was too good to be true….he expressed his excitement in ‘meeting’ me and was communicative, intelligent, funny and charming…. OK, he must be married, unemployed or a serial charmer…. as a single man like this would NOT be single for long….

With great anticipation I waited for him to arrive… I had my little polka dot dress on and heels…. a fitting first date dress…. tight enough to show I’m a woman and loose enough to show I’m a lady…. When he pulled up I was outside chit chatting with my Neighbors and their friends…. Poor Guy, he was not only meeting me for the first time, but, my ‘front line defense team’.

When I walked up to his vehicle… I was greeted with a dozen roses by a man who towered over me… he gently bent down to hug me and I was able to kiss him on the neck… When he stood up… he was just as I had pictured… when he heard he was to meet the neighbors, he walked right over with me.  It was almost like they already knew one another… and yes, I had shared a bit; however, he just fit right in…. but, we were on our first date and so after putting the flowers in water, we were off… He had a plan; however, it all stemmed from bits and pieces of conversations regarding what I enjoy doing.  As we drove away…. I guess I really did not care what we did… I wanted simply to be with him.

The conversation never stopped and when we finally realized we should skip over the state-line… we were headed to a town where his friends were.  I did everything I could to find a reason to touch him… given his sarcastic wit, I took every opportunity to hit him in the shoulder… he kept his hands to himself and was more gentlemanly than I wanted.. but, I definitely knew I deserved this respect.  I continued to push his shoulder or give a quick girl-swat… and it was wonderful.  He was exactly as he was on the phone only better.. He was handsome and I was more than taken by his charm… because it was genuine.

His friends were more than an absolute delight and it was wonderful to meet some of the people who are important in his life.

My only regret is because he lives a bit more than a hop, skip and a jump… we had to end the evening early as he had more than 150 miles to drive before he could go to bed back home….. yet, this was our last first date, I could feel it!

Since that wonderful evening….we’ve been in almost constant communication like 2 teenagers and there’s been lots of talk and it has been incredibly exhilarating… we have our first weekend together, where we can slow things down, take ourselves out of the hustle and bustle of life and just get to know one another better.  This blog has been about dating mostly and there have been a few people who have turned my head; however, he has done so much more… I could delete all of these posts about other people; however, you would not see how many ‘frogs’ I had to (not necessarily ‘kiss’) endure before finding … him!


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