Facebook Official?

I appreciate Facebook’s purpose or that of social media in general; however, at the same time I do not publish my innermost thoughts and feelings… The entire world or that of my smaller circle does not need or care to know what I’ve eaten or that I stubbed my toe.  In fact the less personal stuff I broadcast, the less I have to answer to later… and trust me, while I hope you are all eating incredible dinners, I truly do not want to know about them.  Contrary to popular-culture belief I can love you without knowing what you’re eating and/or where you’re going.  Yet, I digress…. I am over the moon for Him and for whatever reason felt compelled to tell the world and change my relationship status.  I had to Google how to change your status; however, I got it done… BUT, since I named him – my Relationship Status post remained ‘pending’ as he was at work.  All day long I checked it like a crazy stalker and there it was ‘pending’ – to the point where I almost changed it back!  The last thing I needed to do was look like a dillweed!  Yet, I left it and then once he was off work, he ‘approved’ my proclamation, yes, we were now a full, actual and true to social media couple!

In the grand scheme of things that ‘status’ does not define who we are, yet, it was sort of fun to change it AND to have it confirmed.  He is a wonderful man.  So very kind to me and though we are separated by a few miles, it never causes me concern.  I have been so anxious in regard to those who once were in my life, yet, he brings a calm I’ve never experienced before.  Sure, I miss him like crazy, yet, there’s no gap, even when we are apart.  We do not chit/chat like teenagers, but, we do get our fill in of communication.  I am basking in what friends have always told me about – peace, calm and trust.

I have thought about 86ing this blog and starting a new one; however, my past and path is what brought us together.  My past as sordid as it comes gave me the knowledge to know a good man once I finally found him.  I am sure there were other good men; however, they were NOT necessarily good for me.  For me, I do not question….. he has shown no signs of those who have wronged me and even in this short bit of time, he and I have not always seen eye-to-eye, yet, we communicated and worked it out.  As you age, you get more seasoned in how you are and while that can be regarded as stoic it can also be a pain in the ass.  When young we are more adaptable, amenable, easy, yet, as we age.. things become ingrained and we become set in our ways…. He has done everything within his power to make me feel special and I hope he has seen my efforts.  We do not need to really WORK at it, yet, effort from each must be given.

I value our time together because for now, we spend so much time apart; however, in time I see that changing…

I love him and he loves me and I am unsure I’ve ever been this happy….

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