Feel Real

There are moments in life when you find yourself doing something that you would not normally do; however, some of those things could be new experiences whereas others are things that you perceive as demeaning and/or simply wrong.  I am not going to be too elusive here, yet, I will say this… when you engage with someone new there is that adjustment period.  The silver screen will always represent the most ideal relationships, even when there’s drama going on; however, I do not want a silver screen romance, I want a real one… and as part of that reality, I am experiencing some new things… some are incredible whereas others are a little trying to say the least.

Going in, I knew time would be an issue…. yet, time is so very precious that it cannot be something just tossed around.  When we are together it is truly amazing… with enough vim & vigor to take me through to the next time.  I am not sacrificing anything I had more time on my own than I had the desire to have.  I do not need to be with him; however, I enjoy the time that we are together… I even enjoy the time that we are apart as it gives me time to reflect, regenerate and miss him.

Someone new is exciting; however, as you get to know them that familiarity becomes exciting all on its own.  I am happy in the fact that there will always be something new and yet I value the things I already know about him.  We know one another well enough to go deeper than the normal dating conversations; however, there is still so much to learn!

Life is always about learning, the journey and the memories….when you take the time to reflect on what you know… what you see on your travels and what you remember with a smile you truly are living… God has given you a life.. your return gift is to live it!

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