Monday was like any other day; however, Monday evening’s event whipped my life and heart up! I meet people all the time, have had a hundred horrible first dates (well, maybe not 100)…. and I am still standing – single!  But, there he was in the Automotive Aisle…!  I felt something the moment I saw him and yet, I wondered if I was just taken by his handsome face… sexy body, but, it was more than surface beauty… it was the immediate feeling I was meeting someone special.  We talked and to some degree I cannot remember a single thing said… as I was mesmerized by a feeling I never had before.  I was, in shock… yet, he brushed up against me… got into my space and all I could think about was come closer… we strolled around the store as if we had been together for years…. his smile, his voice… the way he touched me. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just met this person….. It was a short, yet, significant meeting… and in a flash he was gone….

We sent electronic communication back and forth, because that’s what people do these days, yet, each text he sent… was something I would say… and his reciprocation of actual answers to my questions was so pleasing… there is no question this is something magical.. and though only a few hours separate this post from the moment we met…. I have nothing but excitement for what is to come…. most of this blog has been about the foibles of a competent woman trying to find her mate in a dysfunctional world… look for a drastic change in content!

Update:  Well, as quick as a storm comes in, it passes and HE was one of those storms, yet, minimal damage done; however, confirmation that fairy tales are for children and Prince Charming is nothing more than a felon looking for someone with stability and good credit to stabilize their life.  Oh, meet you where, when and to do what?  No, no, no…. There should be a special place in hell for players, those who seek to find a decent woman only because their tragic past is riddled with crazy women.  I am not the righter of your relationship wrongs.. I am a woman, a decent woman simply open to meeting a decent man and seeing where things go from there, but, you, Sir are a real piece of work.  Well, my radar was up and you quickly showed your hand.. Thank God..

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