Truth be told, I left a few things at Mr. Cute’s… as I was removing most of my stuff to just give him a little room; however, it’s been 2 weeks and a day since we’ve spoken and I’ve come to terms with his unique way of saying he’s done. This was especially hard because he of all people (I thought) would have had the stones to just tell me where he was; however, he chose the “I don’t want to talk” route… I lingered much longer than I should have and I endured more than most would have; however, that is nothing for me to be shameful of.  Yet, now, I want the rest of my stuff so that not only can there be a clean break, but, I do not end up losing any other things…

I sent a text that simply asks for my stuff that it either be shipped or set out for me to retrieve.  I realize that this is sort of silly; however, these are my things and he will have no use for any of them.  I have yet to hear from him and there’s a chance that I won’t or perhaps he has blocked my text messages altogether, yet, I have not reached out in 2 weeks and I am not a serial texter for anyone – anyways.

The truth of the matter is, that I had hoped I would have heard from him…even, if it was to tell me… we’re done.  I realize that his actions spoke much louder than his words, yet, Mr. Cute is not one to avoid speaking his mind.  This method was a real shock to me as never did I consider him a coward….

I was going to endure the 28 day waiting period, but, I figured WHY?  It’s no secret that whatever he felt has gone by the wayside and there’s no reason for me to continue to linger on in any way, shape or form.  The message was pretty clear the first few days in which he did not want to talk, but, for whatever reason, I stayed on.. looking back I was foolish to do so; however, I am not one to just pick up stakes and leave someone that I care about.  In hindsight I should have checked that he cared for me as well… but, that too is not something I am going to toil with either.  I did what I felt was right and that I refuse to be faulted for.

He has yet to respond; however, let’s hope that he’s not a complete loser….

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