Forever, For Now

In each dream there’s always that moment when you realize that you may not be dreaming at all… it’s real!  The horse has gone to pasture and the armor is tucked away; however, your Knight is still shining.  Does it really need to be forever or can you just revel in for now?  I have a hard time in living in the now and yet I am unable to experience forever as now is all we have.

I can dream of something better or appreciate the best.  I can yearn for the touch or enjoy the time.  I can desire the dream or experience the moment.  It’s hard to anticipate the next move, while enjoying the move that is soon to pass.

If you know me, you know that I need to know.  I am not the type of woman that likes the unknown, it’s scary, unpredictable and believe it or not OUT OF MY CONTROL!  By this time I should know by now that I will never KNOW until it happens and in small doses, I am learning to just let it come to me.

Despite all of my tries, my times at bat and my perception that I had it under control, he came on his own time, his own speed and by his own way.  It’s the best out of my control result.  I had no involvement in its occurrence and yet, it happened.

countryclaireOkay…. destiny, I’ll do my best to simply let you continue running the show – I’ll find comfort in being part of the story rather than trying to write a story that has yet to unfold.

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  1. this made me stop and think about how I do the very same thing. i try to imagine and create my future, rather than just enjoying the moment now. for all that it is. Thank you for opening my mind to a new perspective.

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