Found Our Real Deal

wineSome love comes in an instant, whereas, other love comes in time.  I’m living a fairy tale, there are no swords, or castles – it’s the 2 of us, together enjoying one another with zero drama.  We watch a few couples in the neighborhood endure police interaction, other suitors and drunken stupors as we sip wine and watch from afar.  It’s nice to just be.  I’ve learned a lot this past year, how to let go and let the universe do as it would anyway.  In past I’d attempt to try and control it; however, my results were never this good.  We have a routine, that does not feel routine.  We have history and a future. We’re a couple.  At first it was hard to just let it be; however, through trust, understanding and acceptance it just materialized.  There are no hard deadlines, no crazy expectations and no questions.  It’s a calm journey, filled with lots of together time, trust and fidelity.

His slim to no interest in technology has me mesmerized.  I watch so many couples out, head down staring into their handhelds, whereas we talk, observe our surroundings and share our thoughts.

I love who I am and I truly enjoy who I am with him.  Oh and in case you were not reading the text above – I love him too!


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