Happy Is Easy….

It should be nearly impossible not to like who you are…. I make no assumptions that I am perfect; however, I wake up each morning happy, excited and ready for just about anything that may come my way.  I do this because the possibility of not waking up is always there.  There are some mornings, especially when its raining where I would love to stay in bed all day or perhaps there’s that perfect spot that you find yourself nestled in that simply should not be disturbed; however, life’s demands have a way of convincing you that it’s time to RISE & SHINE!

My overall demeanor is typically friendly, open and always expressive; however, my kindness should never be confused for weakness.  I enjoy the little things in life that many may miss while worrying about something out of their control.  At one point in my life I would toil about things that I could do little to nothing about.  I am far from carefree, yet, I prefer to approach things with the belief that they will work out as they should.  I know that I need to put effort into certain things a screw is not going to unscrew itself; however, there are other things that simply have to flow their course…and nothing you do will matter.

I can be serious when need be; however, after 41 years on this earth there are only a handful of moments in which serious is really necessary.  This outlook has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders.  I realize that it may appear as if I am irresponsible; however, that’s not it at all… I need to smile more and frown less.  If I can laugh in the face of adversity, it will not be as bad as it seems.

Carefree is a lot healthier than careless and open is a lot more inviting than closed.

The more I smile… the happier I am and the happier those around me are too!

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