Gauge Your Experience

One is never too old to learn something new; however, the learning curve appears to be longer as one ages.  I’m not insinuating I’m over the hill, I’ve yet to even find that hill; however, it’s become abundantly apparent that I’m not as young as I once was. I revel in the fact that my age has given me experience, knowledge and dare, I say it – patience. There are many things that one can reminisce on regarding the disappearance of youth and constant reminders of how the body shows it’s battle scars; however, if the internal workings are solid and tenacious, then – age remains a number and wisdom an asset.

With this understanding I embrace the number that I am and forge ahead with a little extra baggage, yet, knowing that I’m more equipped than before.

I do hope that this site brings you value.  It will be packed with various options from my ‘Rants’ to a Reviews Section, a Military to Civilian Transition area and much more.  While it will appear that there is no theme, trust me, there is.  The common denominator will remain Country Claire driven and the content will stem from my unapologetic personal perception.

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