I Earned My WTF Were You Thinking Badge

If dating was setup like the Girl Scouts….I would have recently earned my WTF Were You Thinking Badge!  I would have had it a few days ago; however, my recent text exchange with Mr. Cute solidified it.  For moments, OK, days I toiled with his comment… We would have been fine had you just…. But, today, I am thinking.. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell we were ever fine!  Although he has sired a child, he never took a day of raising it and therefore, I can understand why he would want to try and ‘parent’ others.  OK, bitter will start to disappear shortly….. I was not looking for a parent, but, a partner.  It is incredibly ignorant on my part to take any MORE time wondering.. the what if I would have done this or not done that.. It took quite a while, to come to this realization; however, in truth.. I was not feeling with my own insecurities, but, my heart… and that is where I derailed… In order to build anything of value, you need to have matching motives.. mine was of the heart and his was of the … selfish.  Not a match!

I enjoyed the introductory Mr. Cute, I did… yet, no one can keep a facade up forever…

Sure, it will always take time and yes, I am on my way; however, I will put my WTF Were You Thinking Badge on my sash and keep it moving….

New boundary…. If the person you are dating.. starts to reprimand you like a child… RUN!

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