I Wish I Knew

I should be strong enough to face you; however, it’s the truth I’m afraid of.  I should be secure enough to trust you; however, it’s not my love I doubt.  I should be bold enough to ask you; however, why do you insist on holding onto the answers.  I should be with someone who loves me enough to tell it to me straight; however, instead I stand with someone who gives me partial truths.  Why?  My heart.  How you make me feel. My sincere belief we’re meant to be together – that’s why!  I am sure this sounds weak; however, quite the contrary, I am loving you within some very strict parameters and though many may say I am a fool – I see the imaginary walls around you.  I also know that it feels safer to stay with what you know versus trusting the unknown.  Have you ever thought about how I feel?  Have you ever considered the offer you put before me?  Did it ever cross your mind that you were not really free?  Silence is your chosen weapon and while I understand that to be true, at one point – you said you would not do that anymore.  What changed?

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