If My Funeral Were Tomorrow….

ammunitionThe passing of my Grandfather some time ago has put the thought of what my funeral would be like… What type of funeral would I want?  What music would I choose? Where would it be? Who would I want to come?  Who would I prefer spent the day anywhere but where I was?  Who would actually attend?

I value life a lot more than death; however, I would want my final send-off to be epic!  I have often joked at how I would like to be cremated with my ashes made into 50 cal rounds and sent over to assist in the War efforts.  I was never able to serve, so, this would be a small token.  I know I do not want to be viewed in a casket with full-clown mask.  I’ve hated clowns for as long as I can remember, so I sure as hell do not want to look like one!

What would the music be?  Well, I love the song Happy Day… and I especially like how they tied it in to Secretariat’s race.

I would definitely want all of the living members of my family to attend and have a few select friends that I would hope would make it irrespective of where they are, yet, I also understand that although life may end for one it does not stop for all.

Not being a regular attendee at a place of worship, where would it be?  If I had my choice of places, I would like it to be somewhere climate controlled as I would hate for Minnesota weather to be a consideration.

Not that I have the same clout as Joan Rivers; however, Michelle Obama is not invited to my funeral either.

I would want to be remembered; however, if I, myself am not remembered, I sure hope that something I’ve done will live on, long after I do.

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