If We’re Not Serious – Am I Kidding Myself?

It’s hard to put into words what has recently come to light; however, a blog is the perfect place in which to try. Although the word serious can take on many levels of interpretation, the use of the word in regard to personal relationships is what I am writing about today.  If you are sincere in your feelings, genuine in your desire to be with a particular person and have taken yourself off the proverbial market…. are you serious?  If so, does that then make the relationship you’re in – serious?  I’ve come to learn that the answer is; No.

I’m not getting fitted for a sequined white disaster; however, at this age, I believe that time spent with one particular person and no others infringes on serious.  Now, it does not mean that we’re tied at the hip or unable to survive without the other; however, if we’re not serious, are we kidding ourselves each time we meet?

I’ve done my very best not to connect someone of past with someone of present; however, that appears to be a one-sided attempt. I totally understand that there are situations in which we react solely because of something we’ve learned before, yet, I hate being in a relationship with Person of Interest and their entourage of relationships gone bad. What tears me up the most is what I feel we do share.  While we may not have a host of activities to share currently, I believe that as we grow to know one another things will surface and each of us can bring new interests to the other.  It has not all been done, in fact, it’s really just the beginning!

Life brings people into your life for a myriad of reasons.  I’ve been guilty of saying everything happens for a reason be it in good or not-so-good circumstances.  He is not the typical person that I would seek out; however, if you’ve read this blog for any period of time, you’ll know that my seek out radar is broken, outdated and probably in need of a major overhaul.  I am good with meeting this someone new.  He has been an incredible breath of fresh-air and interaction.  In fact, I like that we are not status-quo.

I am not quite sure if this ‘serious’ level is a movable measure or not; however, when posed with the question of; “What are we doing then?” was not met with we had better stop seeing one another.  Time will tell and once, I know – so, will I!

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