I’m Still Here

It has been ages since I’ve made the time to post and while I would love to say that I’ve been on some lavish cruise, the truth of the matter is… I simply have not had much to write about.  Sure, there have been experiences; however, none worth sharing.  There are a few doozies that I’ve yet to write; however, those are for another time and place.

arthurI did meet one person that literally looked like the cartoon character Arthur.. need a reminder, here it is… Yep, a 6’2″ living, breathing co-dependent, gypsy… it was funny how I tried to do that whole.. find someone that you have no interest in and see how it goes. Well, it did not go far…. I am not sure if it was the fact that he truly did not have a stable residence or if it was because he found himself much funnier than he truly was OR if it was the fact that he looked like, well, this… In any event, it was not a match made in heaven, perhaps it was a quick brush of hell; however, all in all Arthur is merely a paragraph.  Oh and the fact that he said.. that the Military was a minuscule thought did not bode well for me either.  Oh, I do wish him well, like a deep one!  “It puts the lotion into the basket…”

In truth I’ve pretty much thrown in the online dating towel… yes, it was fun and yes, it truly did render a few stories; however, despite the numerous success stories of others… I am not sure if it is right for me.  Let’s be honest the common denominator throughout it all, is well, yours truly.  I am not giving up..I’m going old-school.

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