I’m Still Smoking….

…my electronic cigarette!  While in Chicago this past November my friend JJ, no not, Jimmy Walker…took me to CigNot.  She highly recommended the electronic cigarette.  I had thought about quitting; however, each attempt was, well, unsuccessful.  She was not pushy; however, she knew how wonderful this was and she knew it worked…so, she was persistent to the point of purchasing it for me.  How does one thank another for being so helpful?

Well, it’s been over a month and I have not picked up a tobacco cigarette… I am learning more about the e-cig movement and thanks to Mr. Cute, I found a great local shop in which to purchase all of my electronic cigarette items; Maplewood Tobacco.  I am linking to their website; however, I am working on the owners for me to be the one to update the site.  The picture to the right is a stock photo of the JoyETech starter kit.. this is what JJ bought me; however, my battery barrels are red and silver.  There are many color options etc., yet, the true value is in the fact that there are many ‘flavors’ in which to choose from.  Now, just like my nail polish, red, I am pretty standard when it comes to a flavor, tobacco and coffee, that’s it for me. Yet, for those that would prefer a Blueberry, Raspberry or some other odd flavor, Maplewood Tobacco has it.

2515 White Bear Avenue North – Maplewood, MN 55109  
Phone: (651) 209-3409 
– Click on address for map, it’s in the same lot at the Rainbow Foods

I am very happy with the overall service at Maplewood Tobacco as well.  They have several other e-cig brands in which to choose from, but, for me the JoyETech product line is what I like, best.

I’ve tried a few others i.e. Blu and Encore; however, for me the liquid systems make the most sense, plus the liquid refills are much more cost-effective at Maplewood Tobacco.  The initial investment for a kit  will be around $50 – $70; however, for most that’s a carton of smokes in today’s market.

It takes a little getting used to; however, I watched my last few cigarettes and planned a specific moment, it was in the AM, I sat with a full cup of coffee and my last cigarette.  It was quiet, I smoked it to the filter and then when I put it out… I picked up my electronic cigarette and went to the office.  I puffed on it pretty much all day, there were moments when I thought I had wanted to go out and smoke for real; however, I did not have any cigarettes, I had an electronic one and it was filled with nicotine juice.  To date, I have not smoked a tobacco cigarette.  I have been around 2 smokers in close quarters and I actually found 2 cigarette pieces in my truck.. of which I quickly crumpled up – it was not even a temptation.  I had 2 lighters near me at the time and there was still no hesitation in the cigarette’s destruction.

I do not sell for Maplewood Tobacco; however, I want to encourage any Twin City smokers to check them out.  Please let them know Country Claire sent ya.  I know of 2 other e-cig locations; however, I have not been there, yet, and in truth.. because of the service that I have received at Maplewood Tobacco, I am not all that fired up to shop elsewhere.

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