I think when you care about someone deeply, every emotion you have toward them and/or for them is always stronger.  I also believe that the people you are closest to or care a lot about are those that you can have positive & negative feelings for.  It would be lovely to just have those fluttering butterfly feelings and the zippity doo dah feelings; however, there are moments when those that you admire, cherish and/or love the most are the ones that you want to throttle.

On one of the most special occasions I will ever experience a friend decided to be sullen or withdrawn…. after a few properly positioned inquiries – the answer was still the same… ‘nothing is wrong.’  Knowing full well that the answer was far from the truth, I did my best to determine what was truly going on by making an outrageous accusation on the shear hope that the absurdity would force the truth to come out… Well, it worked!  Sheesh!  For someone that typically practices, blunt truth – I was shocked that I had to make an insane accusation in order to get a real answer.

Later my accusation was brought up again.. and in truth never once did I think there was anything going on with what I had said; however, I needed to move the needle and nothing else was working… so, I went with something off the beaten path.

What I was not prepared for was to be told once again that they wanted to ‘laugh’ or perhaps it was ‘laugh in my face’ – I get that an outrageous accusation should be met with some sort of indignant reply; however, had the adult answered my original inquiry in regard to their barely civil behavior I would not have needed to come up with an absurd accusation in the first place.  Sheesh!  Perhaps I should have wanted to laugh in their face that they would put their own stuff before something much more important.. the special day that we were in attendance for.  Once the cat had escaped the bag… it was asked.. “Do you really want to do this now?”  Well, there was really no big to-do I just now had more information than before and to be honest… yes, I will do this now because BEFORE… you kept it to yourself… BEFORE when we were alone, in the vehicle etc.  Let’s do it now… as you let BEFORE come & go.

I appreciate truth no matter what it is… I also value sincerity.  If you ask for an answer, you should never be upset at what the answer is as long as it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.

I held this person in such high regard as they had always told me, if they had something to say, they would say it.  In fact I believed for most of the day that there was something going on; however, since I had asked if it had something to do with me and there answer was either no or that nothing was wrong.. then I continued; however, their actions did not measure up to their words, this was a new parallel that I had not seen in past.  I again inquired and was again told that there was nothing wrong…..

Each person has their own way of dealing with things, but, even the most solemn of sorts will trip here and there.  I am more than happy as I now know that there was something wrong… there’s absolutely no way to diagnose, fix or repair an issue if you do not know what it is.  There are also times in which you cannot fix, diagnose or repair something too and then there is always that chance that you simply do not want or need to.

When I ask a question I want and deserve an answer… irrespective of what the answer is.. I need to be respectful that I was told the truth.  I know many that ask and when they are told.. the blow.  That is not fair to the person that is being honest and in truth it does not reflect well on you.  I can work with the truth….I’ve never been good with pouting or silence.

Now I know… wealth is in what you know not in what you wonder.

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