Jail ‘Cell’ Phone

I will be the first one to admit that I have a cell phone and it provides me a lot of convenience; however, I will also say that by having a cell phone it ties me down to  the expectation that I am always reachable.  Irrespective of the ‘advances’ in technology, let’s be aware of what we as people have had to give up for these advancements.  We’ve given up tonality, an increase in misunderstanding, anti-social tendencies and patience.  I am not ancient; however, I remember the days of the busy signal.  Leaving or receiving messages on pink paper and accepting that if I was not able to reach someone… they must be busy doing something else.  Today, if someone calls your ‘cell’ phone, there is an expectation that you will always answer… that expectation is increased when a text is sent and when no one answers… if a message is left… it is normally, where are you or what are you doing.  The message behind that is …. pretty clear… you’re expected to have answered.

I have had my own personal bouts with patience; however, I feel that there has been a real travesty of justice placed on society in regard to ‘cell’ phones and the expectation that at anytime, anywhere, you will inevitably answer.  Well, this is something that many have experienced, yet, most people will always keep their phones within arm’s length.  I am just as guilty of this.

I sent a text the other day and it was not answered…. it was not a “Hey, how are you?” or a “I am running late…” it was an update in regard to a medical procedure I had.  This was a text that I would expect a response from… There was no time-limit on when I expected a response; however, within 24 hours was a pretty reasonable time-frame.  Right?  Well, nada, nothing – zip!  I was hurt and rightfully so.  I certainly understand that texting can get out of hand; however, this was not a random message, it was a message about my health.  Not getting a response hurt in more ways than one.  I feel justified in how I feel and yet at the very same moment I want to be mature and accept that I did not get a response and how I go forward in essence truly determines what I truly felt about it.  If I toil in agony alone and never share with the other that their lack of response hurt me.. then, was I really hurt OR am I being passive-aggressive?

I made mention of it; however, surrounded it with a bunch of other talk/words…. and that was more or less lost in the forest of chatter.  I definitely understand that I did not advocate for myself as much as I should have and feel that now is a little too late.  In truth…since I am putting so much emphasis on getting a response am I containing myself in whole the jail ‘cell’ phone conundrum?

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