Jail Date

I’ll see him when he gets out of jail!

Who knew that someone I could feel so connected to would be in jail?  We’ve spent countless hours on the phone and with each call it is more exciting than the last!  In many ways I feel as if I’ve known him longer than I do…yet, the newness of it all is also exciting!  An extremely sharp wit, he easily matches whatever I say.  Some could say that he has ‘time’ on his hands; however, wit, charisma and a keen sense of humor require more than that.  He also spent 6 years in the Marine Corps and so we’ve had a few things to talk about there too!

I’ve yet to actually meet him in person; however, I am anxiously waiting for that moment, but the County is sort of influencing when we will meet!

I know what you’re thinking….but, let’s not immediately pass judgment on another.  I will be the first one to admit that part of life and survival is to make snap judgments, yet, you always want to make sure that you have as much information as possible.  Here’s what I know… he is single, embarking on a new adventure and is a strong family man.  We’ve talked about everything under the sun and I simply could not be more impressed with what he’s had to say.

I am looking forward to driving up to visit; however, timing has been our biggest enemy, well, that and his schedule.  Jail can be quite intrusive when it comes to setting up a meeting.  There are so many rules and regulations and the hours can be a bear too.  I suppose if he is everything I think he is, it’s definitely worth the hassle.  I am thinking of visiting Tuesday; however, not sure if it will work out or not yet.

In truth, I’ve made a lot of bad judgments in my life; however, there are those instances where I keep my final judgment back a little and I have been pleasantly surprised at how wrong I was.  People can make mistakes and there are certain circumstances in which you have to be understanding and accept people for who they are.

We’ve talked daily and it has been super fun to exchange back and forth banter.  He has a great personality and a great sense of humor!  This has been a bit surprising as you do not expect someone that’s been in Jail to have such a personality…. Jails are not fun places, everyone in there is held against their will… yes, there are some that make a career out of it; however, jails are dry, institutional and well, cold! Yet, let’s remember jails are not the Westin and although safety and hygienically sound are one thing… they should not be posh areas in which a person would want to their time there.

I do my very best not to judge a book by its cover or even its first few pages and that is a lesson I not only want to teach in this writing…. but to convey that it be put in practice in life.

I am planning on meeting him in person this weekend… when he gets out, I sure hope that it works.

Oh, by the way… he’s a Correctional Officer, not an inmate.  What were you thinking?

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