Lessons in Ladyhood….

Ever been told to “Act like a Lady”?  I’ve heard it a time or two… Yet, what does it truly entail?  Is a curtsy involved?  Should we dust off the white gloves and bonnet?  Can you still be considered a lady if your professional dress involves Dickies or Carhartts?  Just what exactly does Act Like A Lady really imply?  Well, I think it implies your internal more than your external.  It’s a state of mind versus a piece of fabric.

When you act like a lady, are you truly a lady or just playing one for the moment.  If you talk to loud or forget to cover your mouth when speaking… what are you then?  Certainly not a man… but, what, in essence are you?

I feel lady-like and dainty in jeans or with a flowing dress.  I feel like a lady when everything in the world is headed my direction, yet, I also feel like it when the weight of the world is on my shoulders.  In truth, I feel like a lady always.. but, for some I am sure they would object.  Here’s the lady-like response… “Keep your eyes on your own paper.”  All too often we worry about what others will think.  I can tolerate and accept that when we’re in high school; however, in adult life you are who you are… If you can be there person you strive to be when no one else is looking, it really does not matter how anyone else thinks of you OR DOES IT?  If so.. check yourself…

Your on your own track.. if you continue down the road/path you choose, do it gracefully and with full intent.  Life gives you so many opportunities to choose how you’re going to do things.. if you do what you’d do in front of an audience.. then you’re already on the right path.  It’s too easy in this day and age to get by with something, yet, in truth.. as I’ve told my son numerous times.. if you get away with something and that’s ok with you… we have a bigger issue.

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